Our Address

  • Indonesia (Head Office)
    Menara Imperium, Metropolitan Kuningan Superblok Kav. No 1, 8th floor, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Jakarta 12980


  • Belleview Suite 9-18 , Jl. Margaguna, Pondok Indah, Jakarta 12310


  • Apartement Bellezza Albergo, Level 17, Suite 11, Jalan Bukit Hijua
    Pounding Pinang, Jakarta 12210


  • Las Vegas 2220 Meridien Blvd. Suite # CM 111, Minden, Nevada, USA, Zip 89423



We have staff who are normally very busy, and given spam rules and filters and internet gremlins, occasionally emails get misplaced, or not read at all.

We care for your business, so do follow up with us in case you don’t get a reply within 48 hours. We further suggest that you carbon copy your mail to our info@cae-worldnet.com address.

For general study enquiries, please write to study@cae-worldnet.com.

CAE is also an accredited provider of many of the major international tests, like SAT, ACT, GMAT, etc. Enquire here: tests@cae-worldnet.com

For leadership or other seminars that we usually hold in blended learning scenarios, please write to: seminars@cae-worldnet.com

If you have any connection issues, and have already discussed this with YOUR own internet provider, contact us: support@cae-worldnet.com


info@cae-worldnet.com: For general enquiries

roger_riske@cae-worldnet.com -- Dr Roger Riske is a former professor in political science at UCLA, Vice President of ELS Language Center, President of Educational Resource Development. He is CAE’s main North-American contact. He can also be contacted at: trustrriske@erdtshare.org

paulus_tjhin@cae-worldnet.com Paulus Tjhin is our key person for all student placements to Californian learning institutions, our on-the-ground mentor and liaison.

alliances@cae-worldnet.com -- For any alliances you wish to propose to us

asean@cae-worldnet.com -- We are beginning to be active in other ASEAN countries, so this is the main email address for any country-specific enquiries

bali@cae-worldnet.com -- For any education enquiries in Bali. We will have a local presence in Bali very soon, too

ibeacons@cae-worldnet.com -- We use iBeacons for educational situations. Talk to us, and let us know your needs

interns@cae-worldnet.com -- Anyone who is interested in doing an internship with one of our offices in SE Asia should write to this email address

jim_matthews@cae-worldnet.com -- Jim is our key-contact for business development in South-East Asia

mark_surridge@cae-worldnet.com -- Mark is the partner liaison officer for CAE

medan@cae-worldnet.com -- We have a presence, via an agent, in Medan, and intend to open up a local presence there soon.

merilyn_chambers@cae-worldnet.com -- Merilyn is our curriculum officer, with more than ten years experience in this field on the East Coast of the US. She can guide and advise you on a suitable course for you or your children

partnership@cae-worldnet.com -- For any partnership enquiries with CAE or proposal of new business streams that are in alignment with our core values

surabaya@cae-worldnet.com - We have an expanding presence in Surabaya. Any enquiries from Surabaya by schools or individuals should be sent to this address

linda_piper@cae-worldnet.com -- Linda has many years’ experience in the US and the UK advising students or institutions, including schools, on appropriate test scenarios for high-school and undergraduate and postgraduate study

torsten_greenwald@cae-worldnet.com -- Torsten is our admissions officer. He will induct you into most programs of study. He is also the key person concerning any questions you might have about the course you’re doing, or intending to take

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